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As we begin to ramp up for the 2024 syrup season, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our newest helper, Snuffles. Our boys had been asking for a barn cat for some time, so Snuffles was the perfect addition.

We found her in one of our live traps, out near the woods. At first glance, it was easy to tell she was a “drop off,” and had accidentally wandered into the trap. She was very clean, flea free, and extremely affectionate. She was also very skinny, showing she had been without food for some time.

She spent her first few days with us, in the barn. She was very hungry and ate a lot of food. We also found out she was litter trained. Once she had gained her weight back and was strong enough to explore, we let her outside.

Everyone was nervous the first time we let her out. We were afraid that she might not come back. As nightfall came though, she was back at the barn door. Ever since then, we have been letting her out in the morning, and she comes back at night to sleep safely in the barn.

Now that we have more than a foot of snow, she usually chooses to stay in the barn where it’s warmer and where she can curl up in the straw. She currently has quite the perch up on top of the bales.

Once Snuffles started exploring around the farm, that gave her a chance to meet our other animals. Peter and Kaley, our goats, see her at feeding time. Kaley doesn’t seem to mind her, but Peter is still a little cautious, and chickens go about their business, pecking away. However, our dog Smoke, is very interested in Snuffles. Their first meeting was in the barn after he barged in and tried cornering her while barking at full volume. It ended with Snuffles swatting his nose and leaving scratches. Since then, Smoke has learned to keep some distance but still desperately wants to be “friends.” So far, the feeling is not mutual from Snuffles perspective.

Sap season is coming up fast, and we’re excited that Snuffles is here to help.


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