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Priscilla the Rooster

A good Rooster will keep your flock safe, and they usually rule with an iron beak. Our Roosters name is Priscilla. That’s an unconventional name so today, we’re going to talk about how that came to be and learn a little about our flock boss, Priscilla.

Priscilla is an Ameraucana breed of chicken and the Blue Wheaton version of coloring for that breed. These birds are considered dual purpose, which means they’re suitable for both egg and meat production. Hens have an easy temperament which makes them a good addition to any flock.

While buying our first round of chicks, Tracy wanted to make sure she got a really “pretty” hen. She choose an Ameraucana while I went with Isa Browns and Jersey Giants for egg production. The chicks were supposed to be sexed. That means they were identified as male or female, with only the females supposedly for sale. We brought home a group of hens and Tracy named hers Priscilla. As these little birds began to grow though, we quickly notice that Priscilla was not like the other hens.

Roosters are noticeably larger and typically grow faster than hens. Their combs are a bright red and their tail feathers, or saddle feathers, will be longer. These are usually the first characteristics that are easily spotted. Roosters will also develop spurs as well as their telltale crowing noise. If those don’t give it away, they also have a tendency to strut, versus walk. By the time your bird is a few months old, there should be no question if it’s a Rooster or not.

Because Priscilla was already named and our young boys only knew him by that name, we decided to keep the name. Priscilla spends his days keeping the flock safe. He corrals them if danger is near and makes sure everyone knows when it’s morning. He’s proud and gets noticeably embarrassed if I pick him up in front of his hens. His time is limited though. With our second round of chicks came another Rooster. Our oldest named this one Fluster. It won’t be long before Priscilla retires and Fluster takes over.

Priscilla may be an odd name for a Rooster, but he’s been a great bird and we’re glad to have him. He still has another year or so of protecting the flock before Fluster takes over. If you’re ever at Grey Dog Maple Farm, take the time to meet him. Just be careful though. He’s good at his job.

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